Florida Professional Security Guard Services.

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Security plays vital role in day to day business operation and can bring benefits to the bottom line if its role & objections are clearly understood by asset managers. When security programs and assets properly utilized  and local mangers free to focus on their business without any destructions

  • Productivity increases (  concentration of management on the core business).
  • Litigation risk decreases ( security is managed by knowledgable & experienced security professionals )


Get an Intel information from a local security provider:

Local security providers and their law enforcement contacts can provide you with the critical intelligence regarding incidents and security challenges affecting similar business or communities like yours.


Most effective model for high risk locations in Florida:

Having a centralized office is great for communication, training, collaboration, trust and analytics or for the company with a small geographic coverage  such 2-3 counties. Centralized model would be great if the risks would be low and incidents would not have been occurred, but because the crime statistics in Florida tells us differently decentralized approach is necessary.

In high-risk locations decentralize model of local security provider can help to:

  • Maximize protection
  • Minimizes risks
  • Improves investigative consistency.
  • Better oversight of security programs


Leveraging Local Benefits when conducting investigations:

benefits of having a security provider, florida local security guards company, security provider, south florida security company, decentralized security operations

Consistency when conducting investigations of an incident is important for any corporation.

Local security team members will add value and improve consistency throughout all phases of investigation process. They can tactfully collect local preliminary evidence necessary for investigations as well as observe suspects, obtaining quality witness statements and writing final report.

Today, security operations is a challenging task. Incidents can be prevented by the main task that security will end up providing  incidents reporting and follow up as well as providing investigations. Consistency of this process, that achieved by local specialists, is important for effectiveness and efficiency of the daily operations.





how private security solves crime in south florida

According to the latest FBI crime reports and crime statistics of banking industries, residential communities and retail industries, we can see that even though crime is still exists, the incidents rates are much lower then they were 30 years ago and  private security sector has been contributing to this trend enormously.  These are the following examples how private security sector is driving down crime.


  • From basic to most sophisticated Technology in this industry:  CCTV, access control, alarm systems, gates, voice communications are defiantly pays off. if before any unauthorized person could enter the premises , today even with falsified credentials, police can find criminals. 


  • Professional management strategies. Already several Universities introduced professor degrees in private security and criminal justice, which brings more organized, metrics-based, scientific approach to the security industry. This helps private and government sector to prepare more  knowledgable leaders on all levels of security organization.


  • Security services: consulting, guarding, private detectives. Well prepared people can provide what technology can not – observance, ability to prevent or immediately follow up to the incident,  five senses and sixth sense (intuition), which is extremely important in this profession, but so underestimated. Trained people have ability to determine  suspicious factors or people before they engage in crime. Vigilance and Alertness are skills and they have to be developed through professional training and experience.


  • Sophisticated databases and applications. Security applications on smart helps to react on suspicious behavior or already happened incidents with no time wasted. Well build databases helps to keep information organized and presents metrics that are used to improvement of services and crime prevention. It also helps to keep all smallest details that don’t seem important before crime happens while afterwords it serves as footprints to the past.


  • When police & private security are working together and share the essential information between each other it leads to safer businesses, communities and mutual respect between each other.

Smarter policing, technology driven and metrics-oriented policies increase effectiveness of private security sector and reduces crime rates enormously.





Security Guard Services we are specializing in Florida:

 Permanent & Temporary Security Guards Services in Florida



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Outstanding  Security Services: Obey Security embodies the characteristics of outstanding security company: licensed security personnel, knowledge based approach, experience leadership team, latest industry training and dedication to our clients. Which will distinguish the services at your property  and protect tangible and intangible assets of your business or community.

Leadership Team has a decade of solid experience in Security Industry gained through years of serving in police departments &  successful operations of private security agencies.

Our Service Guarantee:

  • All security personnel are properly licensed according to the State of Florida.
  • Consistent and Reliable Services.
  • Individualized attention to your security needs.
  • Thorough screening and training of officers


Security Guard Services we specializing in Cypress Gardens, Florida:

 Permanent & Temporary Security Guards Services in Cypress Gardens, Polk, Florida


Looking for Long-Term, Reliable Partnership? Because security industry is a highly specialized area and  mistakes here can cost a fortune if not everything. That is why we offer long-term strategic partnerships to integrate top-notch professional physical security into your every day operations as an excellent extension of your services, so you can concentrate on the core of your business.

Every client is different, that is why we begin our partnership by understanding unique challenges, vulnerabilities and expectations. Finally, we can assist in designing and execution of professional security plan for you business or/and community. We will collaborate with your team to create guidelines and to execute the security plan.

See the benefits of having local security provider in Florida

Temporary Security Guards Services:  Temporary services can vary from several hours to 3-6 months and may be needed to all types of facilities in the Cypress Gardens, FL. Obey Security understands the need for static temporary services and can provide around –the –clock direct coordination with security officers, supervisors and clients in the state of Florida.


Industries we serve in Cypress Gardens, Polk , FL:

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